abrasion resistant steel sheet
parameters1:maximize lifetime
parameters2:minimum downtime
parameters3:improve efficiency




YaoYu Wear Resistant New Materials Co.,Ltd

We supply high hardness abrasion resistant steel with high quality, with nearly 10 years  experience in designing and manufacturing different size hardfacing steel products for customers, and can offer the best wear solution according to the actual working conditions.

1. wear resistant steel plate parameters:
1.1  standard size
     small: 900*1900mm       medium: 1475*3050mm        large: 1524*3048mm            
1.2  standard thickness
     6+4 8+4 10+4 6+5 8+5 10+5 8+6 10+6 8+8  10+8 10+10 (base plate/hardfacing)
1.3  base plate material
     Q235, stainless steel plate (all weldable steels, mostly structural steel plate)
1.4 hardness
    HRC 58-62

2. wear resistant plate can be made into different shapes as required cutting
   100*100mm or 280*580mm
   cutting method: plasma cutting, laser cutting or water cutting

Typical applications include dump bodies, loading bucket, mining, and construction equipment, liners for chutes, hoppers, conveyors, and wear parts for cement mixers, quarrying equipment.

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