abrasion resistant plate
parameters1:high hardness
parameters2:good wear resistance
parameters3:long service life

wear resistant steel plate, also known as abrasion resistant plate.
1. Specifications are: 6+4, 6+5, 6+6, 8+4, 8+5, 8+6, 10+4 etc. (base layer+ hardfacing layer)
2. Hardness: HRC 58-62
3. Applications: Cement industry, iron and steel industry, thermal power industry, shipbuilding, fan blade, coal mining machinery, chemical machinery, crushing equipment, transportation equipment etc.

Typical Applications:
chutes, screens, transfer stations, bunkers,tubes, concrete mixers, mill linings, cyclons,separators, bucket-wheel linings, excavator,bucket linings, tractor shovel front edges, dust and ash ducts, fans, fan housings, etc

We promise:
1. Product quality assurance, without fake and inferior products
2. Different size and thickness of wear resistant plates are available upon request, without cutting corners
3. Ensure the actual thickness of substrate and wear-resisting layer

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