wear resistant steel plate
parameters1:high wear resistance
parameters2:high temperature resistance
parameters3:long service life


We deliver wear resistant steel plate in standard size or cut according to your drawings


Specification :
Standard size of wear resistant steel plate: 1475*3050mm

Hardness: HRC 58-62
Sizes of commonly used: (base layer + wear resistant layer):  6+4 8+4 10+4 6+5 8+5 10+5 8+6 10+6 8+8 10+8 10+10


Commonly, the wear resistance performance of abrasion resistant plate from YaoYu has the following statistics:
(1) 5-10 times better than HARDOX
(2) 20-25 times better than low carbon steel
(3) 5-10 times better than stainless and high manganese steel


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