wear mechanism of vertical mill
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Vertical mill abrasive wear mainly come from vertical mill table liners and rollers wear caused by grains. Through SEM and metallographic analysis, we know that roller surface was damaged heavily with the increase of the content of the impurities (such as quartz and pyrite), therefore, the impurities hardness has important effects on the grinding roller wear and we may see micro - cutting and light spalling on the metal surface, which may affects service lifetime of rollers.

Taking slag vertical mill as an example, usually the overall wear rate was 10-12g per ton, and it is mostly decided by the content of free iron without hardfacing. For each additional 10 percent of free iron, there will be extra 10 percent of wear rate. But if the content of free iron is more than 1 percent, we must install iron removal device before the raw materials come into the mills. Vertical mill may benefits much from hardfaced welding technology, it not only help vertical mill reduce cost, also the wear parts wear rate is only a half of high chromium cast iron after hardfacing treatment.

chromium carbide overlay plate OEM Business & Manufacturing Factory
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