hardfacing welding rod for wear resistant clad plate
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Many kinds of martensite steel, martensite alloy cast iron and other wear-resistant surfacing welding rod have been developed in China in recent years. The Ni, W, Mo, V, Ti, B and other elements were added in the surfacing welding process, macrohardness can keeps at HRC60-70, which is superior to the traditional high chromium cast iron wear resistant welding rod in terms of wear resistance and welding performance.

1. Corrosion resistant and wear-resistant electrode
Electrode cores are made from H08A or H08E low carbon steel, coated with tungsten carbide, boron carbide, chromium powder and flake graphite. This kind of electrode is suitable for do welding on mineral processing, ship propeller, turbine blades of hydropower station, chemical environmental protection equipment. Main chemical components of the hardfacing layer: W2.4-3.2%, Cr11-14%, B0.5-1%, Ni0.5-1%, Si0.6-1%, Mn0.3-1%, overlay welding layer HRC60.
2. Iron- chromium - boron wear-resistant surfacing electrode
Electrode cores are made from common low carbon steel plate, coated with iron, chromium, boron, manganese, molybdenum, titanium and other components. The main features is that the electrode can be used in AC or DC welding, and does not need rust removing or preheating before welding, and the hardness of HRA86 can be available. Suitable for brick, petroleum, mining and other machinery parts welding work.

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