YaoYu wear resistant materials catalog-wear resistant steel plate
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Summary:wear resistant steel plate thickness, materials,hardness and applications

1. wear resistant steel plate parameters:
1.1  standard size
       small: 900*1900mm       medium: 1475*3050mm        large: 1524*3048mm            
1.2  standard thickness
       6+4 8+4 10+4 6+5 8+5 10+5 8+6 10+6 8+8  10+8 10+10 (base plate/hardfacing)
1.3  base plate material
      Q235, stainless steel plate (all weldable steels, mostly structural steel plate)
1.4 hardness
      HRC 58-62

2. wear resistant plate can be made into different shapes as required cutting
   100*100mm or 280*580mm
   cutting method: plasma cutting, laser cutting or water cutting

3. wear resistant steel plate forming

4.produced wear resistant steel parts can be installed immediately

  typical applications are: crusher, screen, feeder, feeding hopper, hoist, the edge board, conveyor, bucket, blades, gear, dump truck, scraper, industrial trucks, railway freight cars, bulldozer, excavator, slurry transporting pipe, screw conveyor



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